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Terra Cotta Red Plastic Rain Barrel 50-Gallon Terra Cotta Red Plastic Rain Barrel 50-Gallon

Water running off your house is as good as money down the drain. Start saving your hard-earned cash by placing a 50-Gallon Terra-Cotta Red HDPE Food Grade quality high density Polyethylene Plastic Rain Barrel under your downspout. (Explanation: Allfood grade” materials are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) but not all HDPE materials are food grade, so this is very positive for this product. Crafted from a pre-used food-grade Polyethylene barrel, this barrel features a spigot with multiple attachment capabilities and can be linked to other barrels. It accommodates a garden hose, landscape tubing or drip tubing and features a garden hose size spigot at bottom of barrel. Overflow fitting diverts excess water away from barrel. Place the barrel on a pedestal and there is room for a watering can. It is ready to handle overflow and the lid has holes drilled to let water pass through the protective screen. A screen keeps bugs and debris out of your water. The barrel was cleaned and rinsed with rain water and PH neutral soap.
Dimensions: 23 L x 23 W x 34 H in.

Our Price: $149.99
60-Gallon High Density Polyethylene Rain Barrel in Forest Green 60-Gallon High Density Polyethylene Rain Barrel in Forest Green

There's a new R in the recycling motto: reduce, reuse, recycle, rain barrel. This 60-Gallon High Density Polyethylene Plastic Rain Barrel in Forest Green has a 60-gallon capacity and is made from recycled food grade polyethylene to be extra green. It includes a sturdy base and spigot perfect for standard garden hoses. It even links to other rain barrels via a .75-inch piece of garden hose so you can create a custom watering system from the water nature provides. The overflow fitting, drain plug, and screw-on cover are included and it has an insect screen to keep water clear of bugs and debris. 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Dimensions: 24D x 39H in.

Our Price: $159.99
40-Gallon Resin Rain Barrel Brown Oak Finish Brass Spigot 40-Gallon Resin Rain Barrel Brown Oak Finish Brass Spigot

This 40-Gallon Durable Plastic Resin Rain Barrel in Brown Oak Finish with high quality brass Spigot conjures water from the sky! It is made of durable resin and has the look of an actual barrel. Its brass spigot provides access to the water; its flat back design saves space and makes it easy to place up against the house. It may also be linked to other rain barrels for increased water holding capacity. The rain barrel is resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rotting. Excellent durability.
21.5L x 22W x 28.25H inches.

Our Price: $165.00
2-in-1 Terra Cotta 65-Gallon Rain Barrel Urn and Planter 2-in-1 Terra Cotta 65-Gallon Rain Barrel Urn and Planter

This 2-in-1 Terra Cotta 65-Gallon Rain Barrel Urn and Planter is a thing of beauty and clever design. Constructed with thick and durable polyethylene resin which holds up to the harshest elements, the exterior has the appearance of a terra cotta urn. The graceful lines, curves, and garnishes on the exterior make it an accent piece on your home's exterior and not something that just sticks to your house. The flat back design optimizes space used and allows you to position the barrel close to walls or flat areas. The top is the only of its kind that not only acts as a planter space, but also features a unique watering system that leeches excess water from the barrel itself. There is also a channel built into the rim which diverts overflowing water to the front and away from the barrel and home foundation. Equipped with a sturdy brass spigot which won't rust or break like plastic alternatives. Meshed screen blocks debris from entering your water supply. You can have peace of mind that you're helping the environment by conserving water and giving your garden the best water it can get, devoid of harsh chemicals and rich in nutrients. And you can perform that conservation without sacrificing your home's outer appearance with the very stylish and functional Rain Wizard Urn. Linkable to all other Rain Wizard rain. Great in function and a lovely addition to your outdoor area. Dimensions: 36" H x 25" W x 26" D.

Our Price: $205.00