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Garden Ceramic Stool Embellished w/ Butterflies & Flowers Vintage Look

With these stools being all the trend this year, this ceramic stool is beautifully embellished with butterflies, flowers and leaves over the top of a vintage-looking glazed backdrop. Use it as a stool, accent table, or as a display piece that is praise worthy wherever it is. It is a beautiful accent anywhere in the home or garden.
Dimensions: 13" diameter x 19" high.

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Our Price: $95.99
Silver Symmetry Stool

This elegant stool features a fascinating texture and understated glamour that easily enhances any space. The stool’s six sides covered with a tactile pattern bursts with style. Its gorgeous metallic finish gives it depth and sheen that will always be fashionable.

Dimensions: 16½" x 16½" x 17½" high.

Our Price: $95.99
Floral Garden Decorative Stool

Bring the glorious sights of a garden in bloom inside with this beautiful ceramic decorative stool. It's soft green background is the perfect stage for blue birds and blooming flowers to shine. Use it as a room accent, a side table, display stand, or a stool! You will be sure to enjoy one of this year’s hottest trends. It can also be used on your deck or patio for the same functions.
Dimensions: 13.2" x 13.2" x 18".

Our Price: $99.95
Ceramic Sunset Stool Trendy Decorative Addition in Brilliant Red

The fiery red floral relief of this decorative ceramic stool injects a pop of intense color to any room. Use as a seat, table, footrest, or as a decorative element in your home. Place outside for patio or garden use. Its color brightens any garden or patio.
Maximum weight limit is 220 lbs.

Dimensions: 13 3/8" x 13 3/8" x 18" high.

Our Price: $99.99